Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moth orchid in bloom (Phalaenopis). Having an orchid collection provides much enjoyment. Second photo , macro of inside the bloom. Image 4.03-2008

Early arrival of Eastern Bluebirds at my nesting site.About a month early. Blue with rusty red breast and appears to be stoop shouldered went perched. Image 4-02-2008

Tufted Titmus at my feeding station. Seems likely to be a pair. Tufted Crest is erect,flanks are rusty orange color. Habitat : woodlands,shade trees,groves and feeders. Image 4-02-2008

Alligator in Ding Darling swamp ,Sanibel,Fl. The gator was just slowly swimming around in the mucky water. First time I have seen one here in 5 years. Image 2-05-2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three shore birds in late evening light. Every thing calm, foamy white waves. Image 2-15-2008
( click image to enlarge)

Flower growing in the gardens at THE BREAKERS, West Palm Beach. Don't know what it is ,but its beautiful. Image 2-11-2008

Went to polo match today,YLVISAKER CUP,International Polo Club near Wellington Fl. First time I watched polo, very interesting. Lucky shot of horse and rider. Feet and ball off the ground. Image 2-10-2008