Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mature BLACK SWANS at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary. Black swans are mostly black feathered with a line of white flight feathers . Cobs (males) are larger than pens( females) with a longer and straighter bill. The bill is bright red, with a pale bar and tip.The neck is long and curves in an "S". Wingspan ; 5 to 6.5 ft. ;Weight 8 to 20 lbs.;Length 40 to 55 inches. Native of Australia. First photo ; swan on land really looks awkward but a beautiful bird. Second photo, swan on water in an aggressive position. This bird charged us, standing on a small walkway bridge for about 20 minutes. It would bite our shoe toes, time after time,swimming away then returning at full swimming speed. Note the neck feathers standing on end.

BLACK SWAN CYGNETS at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary. Generally, black swans nest in the wetter winter months(Feb. to Sept.) native to Australia and adjacent coastal islands. A clutch contains 4to8 greenish-white eggs ,incubated for about 35 to40 days. After hatching, the cygnets are tended to by the parents for about 6 months ,until fledging.....REF..Wikipedia..Black Swan

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tundra Swan (Bewick's race) photographed at Kellogg Sanctuary in Michigan. Found it interesting as to the structure of the bill. Must be a very interesting reason for all the contours and ridges.