Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Was watching two squirrels, one red(fox) and a grey in the rain. The red laid in the crouch of the tree,trying to stay as dry as possible whereas the grey was out in the open. Both covers their backs with the tail.

Whitetail deer instincts are amazing. They try to keep something between you and them. The branches of the old white cedar is not much cover ,but the bucks knew I was on the upper deck ,trying to photograph them.

Bought these Rhodadrenon plants from Musser Forests,about 25 years ago,they were about 3 inches tall. Last measurement they were a little above 18 feet. Have moved them many times to find right soil,planted in this old grove of sassafras trees.

Indiana whitetail deer tends to go thru a color change this time of year. The doe has a mottled look ,were as the bucks look a little smoother. Buck is in early velvet (antler development)

Wildflowers are starting to bloom here in Indiana. Don't know what the orange one is, but must have come from a packet of wildflower seed that did not come up last year. White one, I call this a Spring beauty, should have a pink tint to it. Have a large Maple tree that the ground is carpeted with these beauties.

Love to photography flowers. Iris and Flowering Quince. Like to play with the lights and darks. All natural lite.


Portrait of a gobbler. Like this picture because of the cross lighting. Shows the wattles and a lot of the blood flow, during excitement. Sometimes the feathers catch a lot of colour and puffing. Note the barred feathers are rather ragged from dragging on the ground.

Its time for the wild turkey mating ritual to begin. This year I have a portable blind so I can get closer to all the action. The two gobblers just strut around and show off for the hens,which I assume makes her choice. The first pic apparently is some kind of a face off. Have not seen any fighting,however the 2.5 inch spurs could do damage. The second pic shows gobblers closing in on the hen. She rejected both.