Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hummingbird Pics.............Top pic, shows the hummer in a turn, heading to the feeder, wings to top, tail spread in cupped position. Lower pic, shows , the flash almost stopped the wings ,which indicates a slower wing speed than the top pic. Literature  indicates that hummers can maintain flight at 50 beats per minute, while  at top speed >1000 beats per min.

Passion Flower Vine....... a friend gave me a small plant ,about 4 in. tall , last year. It grew about 4 ft. tall then died. Was told it was an annual, well this year it came up very late, but grew very fast about 15 ft. long Being it is very hot here this year I watered it almost every day. Then some buds appeared and this flower appeared and lasted only one day. After the flower comes a  small apple-like fruit. I'm amazed at the fine structure and weird looking seed producing system.