Friday, September 16, 2011

Fungus in Deep Woods.......
Now that the winter wood is cut and split, I have time to look for photo opts. There is something about the deep woods in the morning or evening when the suns rays are highly angled,and uses an opening in the foliage as an aperture. Such is the Fungus photo, high key subject and almost completely dark edges with a few splashes of green.
 Fall -Yellow  Color is a favorite  of mine..... found this Fungus growing on a tree about 12 feet off the ground, at first, thought it was a wild canary hanging on the bark ( remember my eyes have been used hard for 76 yrs.) Don't know much about fungus, except most are brightly colored.  Moss Rose (bottom photo) is what I call a happy flower, just pleasant to look at.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

About 2 days ago this buck just began to shed velvet , usually that occurs 3 rd. week of August. Time and date on camera incorrect. Bodies are filling out nicely, good acorn crop.