Saturday, May 7, 2011


Southeastern Indiana deer antler growth.....Last year ,the deer I photographed had a lot of antler deformation, so I changed to a BIG 6 MINERAL BLOCK (North American Salt Co.) and the feeding pattern has increase 3 times, around the clock. Salt block is monitored by a remote camera. Block contains Salt,Manganese,Iron,Copper,Zinc,Iodine and Cobalt. It will be interesting to see how the antler growth progresses this year. Some articles indicates the antler are at least 70% minerals.

GREY SQUIRREL Family.... Have a large White Ash tree outside my,second story, studio window and have watched and filmed a family of squirrels for several days. They play in the tree, chase each other but this day all ended up on a stub branch about 8 inches long ,18 feet high. A long way down, even for squirrels. Photo is a video capture.