Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Portrait of the Common Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula) A large iridescent blackbird with a long wedge- shaped tail.Also a "Bronze" Grackle and a "Purple" Grackle , they are considered separate species

Male Red-Bellied woodpecker has the chore of feeding the offspring. Baby woodpeckers are nasty tempered and tries to attack parents. Wants food now and much of it. Note the precision it which the feeding is done, tilting of the head and not getting stabbed with the beak.
The square hole in the wall,Tulum Maya Ruins, served as an aperture for the sun to determine the two equinox.Within the precincts compound,was a marker, that when the sun's rays shown through the hole, aligned with a cross on the marker, it was equal hours of day and nights (equinox). Our Mayan guide indicated this occurred around 5:00 am, two times a year. * The Maya developed an original system of writing,with which they recorded astronomy,religion and history. The Maya also had a concept of zero. Civilization lasted 300BC to900AD. *Microsoft Encarta 99

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Castle ,Tulum Maya Ruins ,rises the highest and the most spectacular structure of Tulum. Stone arches were rather common, within the inner precinct, as well as gateways through the outer walls. The building was constructed in various stages. re:Tulum,History,Art and Monuments,Monclem Ediciones S.A. de C. V.

Blooming plants within the Tulum Maya Ruins, assuming these are plants native to the Tulum city. Orange flower photo , shows the stone work laid up by the Mayas.White flower is native to the Ruins (according to our guide ),who was of Mayan descent.