Saturday, October 25, 2008

Canada Geese on Byrd's Lake,Tenn. Photographing Canada Geese is an easy and common subject. They are quite tame in most areas and are looking for easy food supply. When I was a kid (a long time ago) the only Canada geese we saw was the migration "V" and the honking going over head in the fall and spring. While at Bryd's lake the foliage was showing a lot oranges and reds,I noticed the reflections in the water,so I tried to call the geese into the reflected area,and it worked.However, the secondary gooses head was hid behind the foregound goose,at the last moment the secondary goose turned it's head and this composition occured. Maybe a combination of luck and talent

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bridge /Dam at Cumberland Mountain State Park.

A project of the Company 3464 of the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) built from 1935 to 1938. The dam created Byrd's Lake as the parks central focus. The 347-foot long dam proved to be the largest masonry structure constructed by the CCC in the entire nation. Near Crossville,Tenn

Annual visit to FAIRFIELD GLADE ,Tenn.

Photo of one of many lakes on the property. We go down every year in the fall, just to get away. The GLADE is on a large plateau in the Cumberland Mountains , a place were every thing slows down.Nobody is in a hurry; near Crossville,Tenn.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TRUMPETER SWAN at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary .Similar to the Whistling Swan, America's common native swan. Wing spread 6 to 7 feet. Photo shows the gracefulness of these large birds. This bird kept putting its bill in the water ,scooping up something,aquatic material or maybe it was thirsty. Note the drops of water coming off the bill.

RED -TAILED Hawk photographed at Kellogg. Red tail colour show when the hawk is soaring. Range: Alaska,Canada,to Panama . Habitat:Open country, woodlands, paririe groves, mountains, plains. This bird was caged,the wire was digitally removed.

GREAT HORNED OWLS at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary. A large owl with ear tufts or horns. I assume this pair to be parent and offspring. Several forms of this owl ,this is typical, also a subarctic (lighter colored) form. Note the yellow eyes.
BARRED OWL photographed at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary . Only owl to have brown eyes except for the Barn Owl. Range ;Canada to Honduras Habitat ; Woodlands,wooded river bottoms, wooded swamps.