Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RUDDY TURNSTONE, Ormond Beach ,Fl...........in winter plumage, saw several which  appeared to be a pair, however  was not able to photograph together. Get the name from turning small stones , pebbles and wood to find food. Feeds on small marine crustaceans,vegetable matter and other tiny marine life .Winter resident in florida, summer in the far north (tundra ).
Sanderling at Ormond beach,Fl...........In late January, this year , we saw a lot of these birds. even with 100's of people on the beach it was difficult to get close to them. shot this at equiv. of 600 mm. , then cropped. Sanderlings are in Florida from August till  late April. Feeds on mussels, marine worms ,insects and some seeds. Where do they go a nite??????

Monday, August 6, 2012

Buck keeps company with 2 does.......Been watching this threesome all spring and early summer, usually bucks run with bucks, does with does. Bucks collect does near the rut. Maybe this is a family group with strong bonds, anyway, the doe (left) seems disturbed with the buck .
Whitetail Bucks in posturing........... obtain a lot of pics each year of deer, after a while they all are similar, sometimes the camera catchs interaction. These guys are circiling each other with heads down, ears layed back. I assume a little verbalizing is taking place. Who get the salt block ,first ?????