Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LARGE-FLOWERED TRILLIUM ....The most abundant of the trillium in the Smokies,also one of the most beautiful. Grows on wooded slopes from 1,000 to 3500 feet elevations. Blooms in April and May. Yellow center is the key to determining the species. image....4-07-2008

It is interesting to look around abandoned homesteads in the mountains. The primitive way of life and the hardships the settlers must have endured,is unbelievable. Yet, signs of unique knowledge is prevalent. Wild Geranium was found near the old home,flowers appear in April . Fairly common on wooded slopes up to 3500 feet. image .....4-07-2008

Both large and small streams in the Smokies have charm. The large stream( right) near the bottom of Roaring Fork motor trail has a lot of fall and is loud, showing power and harshness. The small stream was high on the Cove Hardwood Forest trail. Today the air was still , cool, and wet with rain from the previous day. The mountain was very quiet, I heard the trickling of water, looking around , saw the little runoff. As I sat down by it, I understood why people like the mountains, just something one can not explain.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Photos of the lower ( less rugged ) portion of trail above the Chimneys Picnic area.

Dutchman's -Breeches ( Fumitory family ) Nodding shaped flower with spurs at the top. Rather rare in the Smokies. I would not have seen this one; found after a seasoned wildflower person told me the location. When I left the mountain,there were 6 Nature photographers set up around it. Image.....4-07-2008

White Fringed Phacelia ( Waterleaf family) Only 3 to 5 inches tall. Looks like patches of snow. Very delicate ; Chimneys picnic area, Smoky Mountain National Park. Image 4-07-2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photos taken in the Chimneys picnic area. The trout lily(left) the mottled leaves resembles a mountain trout and lure has it ,the Cherokee Indians regard the blooming of the flower a good time to fish for trout. Other photo,aYellow Trillium ,3 leaves,3 petals and3 sepals,lemon scented is a prominent spring flower in Smokies. Images........4-06-2008

First wildflower is a White Erect Trillium. Grows 8-10 inches tall,blooms in April and May.(Lily Family)

Wildflower on the right,is Rue Anemone part of the Buttercup family. These photos were taken on the Cove-Hardwood trail at Chimneys picnic area.

It's April , time for our annual trip to the Smokey mountains. We like to see the mountains wake up in the spring. Wildflowers are starting to bloom and the streams are running full from recent rains. New boulders have washed out and I like to figure out some of the geology. Closeup shows striations and a vein of minerals. ....image...4-06-2008