Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo-Study of Wild (hen) Turkey head/neck . Are they a handsome bird? More on this subject latter,

NEW THOUGHTS.....See turkeys every day, sometimes when alarmed they fly immediately,sometimes they run. What triggers the thought pattern or is it instincts? They seem to be very good at running and seem to resemble the dinosaur-birds, neck extended and very good balance , for an out of balanced body. What about the non-feathered heads,like the VULTURES, rather small head to control such a large body, Why??? . Appears to be a very smart,at times ,has excellent memory at least to remember where to find food, had a feeding stump,for the turkeys, dug out the stump and they returned to that precise spot for 3 years. On Nov. 6, 2008 blog,I was feeding turkeys by hand, these guys disappeared,until last week , when I saw one standing in my meadow, went outside to throw away some table scraps,with a similar feeding hand motion,and the tom came running. Went up on the upper deck,so he could see me better and made similar hand motions ( no food ) he also came running. Assume he recognized hand motion with food,processing information or just instincts ? I don't have any idea!!!!!

still doing research.

LOOKING EYE TO EYE with a WILD TURKEY. Beginning to use my blind again ,to get some close-up photos , of these guys.

RUFOUS-SIDED TOWHEE waits it's turn at the feeders this icy cold day. Have several breeding pair.