Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Early Wildflowers in Southeastern Indiana.......My grandson took me to see recently purchased property , this Sunday. A nice tract of rugged land with a large creek, waterfalls, clay banks, big rocks, and a very steep hillside. After falling into the creek, stumbling over rocks and forcing my old legs to do things they didn't want to do, after about 2 hours ,it became the most enjoyable afternoon I've had in sometime. On the hillside , I found various wildflowers that I usually go to the Smoky Mountains to see . Photos are of PURPLE TRILLIUM ( top) and DUTCHMAN'S-BREECHES which seems to be rather rare, but this hillside had an abundance of them. What a find!!!!! also several Triullum,Squirrel corn,Spring Beauty, Ramp and wild Phlox.Creek has a find of good fossils. About 20 miles from where I live and 200 ft. lower but much earlier.