Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colorful Happy Flowers......pinks, Dianthus,miniature Carnations, I guess people call them by many names , but when I look at them, they make me happy ( at least happier).

Rose of Sharon-Bumble-Bee Relationship....... Rose of Sharon started to bloom this week, covered with bees looking for pollen. I followed this bee to 8 different blooms,before it found one that it liked (as least one that the camera could focus on). Photo shot against the cloudy sky using a fill flash, -1 stop, making for a high key background

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whitetail talk it over at the block.......I like to observe body language of animals, have seen, stiff leg walks, head lowering,front leg striking and plain aggression , but this small buck seems to be chewing -out the big guy. The big guy turns his head to say," I'm not even going to look at you". Well, maybe I've been a Naturalist to long!!!!!!

Whitetail buck is developing a nice set of antlers. Last year, the antlers were irregular but so far this year the growths seen very even. Have changed to a special mineral block and it may have helped. The bucks visit the block several times a day. Note the hole in the ground, deer have eaten the salt- rich soil over the past 25 years or so.
Cecropia Moth ?........Found this moth drying out on side of a house. Photographed from many angles, this angle shows the wing marking to be a pair of fish- like looking markings. Most moths seem to have odd creature like marking for protection. Also, most have a bad taste to birds ,according to the experts. Moth was approx. 6 inches long.